Welcome to Jepco Services

Our vision is to be the leader in cleaning, pest control, environment and ecosystem management in East and Central Africa.

General Cleaning

We clean, scrub, strip, fumigate, maintain your ground, scrub your wall & tiles, among others.

Cleaning and Sanitary Services

Jepco undertakes the full range of cleaning services to large commercial building, housing, offices, shops, banks, supermarkets, factories, corporations, staff residential estates, shopping malls, fleet of cars/buses, etc.

Ground Maintenance Services

Jepco takes cleanliness of environment very seriously and has therefore extended its services to include maintenance of lawns, gardens, plants, driveways, hedges, fences and flower.

Fumigation and Pest Control Services

As an extension of its cleaning services, Jepco also offers pest control and fumigation services to business premises, commercial properties and gardens/plants.

Jepco has over 15 years of Experience!

Some of our customers include the government ministries (like The Treasury, Ministry of Agriculture, Education, ICT, Gender etc), parastatals ( like NHC, CA, etc) , big corporations, among others. You can rely on us! Get in touch with us on info@jepcoservices.com or call any of the telephone numbers HERE